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By The Dumdude

Why Fallensword Advice?

Fallensword Advice is an easy to use reference that pulls together advice from many different sources, giving credit to each. The clean design has NO advertisements and makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Just click through the menu at the top of the screen!

Fallensword Advice is an excellent alternative to Fallensword Answers, with fewer distracting ads, a cleaner design, and most importantly credit is always given to the original sources.  Although most authors have been contacted for permission to use their content on the site,not all have responded, and the content has been provided anyway.  If you are the author of any content and do not want it to be included, please contact Dumdude and it will be removed. 

Fallensword Advice was launched in January 2009 and is growing quickly in popularity.  It is an invaluable resource for bringing together information from many different people and cataloging it in an easily accessible format.

If you find Fallensword Advice useful, please help us grow!  There are several ways to help. The first is simple, tell all your friends and guild mates! A link in your bio is a great way to spread the word.  If you'd like, you can include the following in your bio:

We hope that Fallensword Advice is your number one resource!  Thanks for visiting and happy hunting!

Dumdude and the Fallensword Advice Contributors

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